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Hello every! Welcome to the second update! Sorry this is a little late, things have got in the way.
Being that this update is rather small there is no need for a video.

This past week introduced some new re-balancing to 1v1.

Updates and changes: (1v1)
- Stat resets are now able to be purchased from buycraft, as well as gems 
- Diamond chestplate added (to ensure matches last a little longer, and takes the place of iron helmet)
- Infinity enchantment was removed
- 16 arrrows added to kit
- Challenge item now works
- some maps have been updated/fixed for a better pvp experience
- Longer start time (10s) to give players more time to get ready
- Movable hot bar items

Sorry for no video being included with this update. Hope you enjoy the new 1v1 re-balancing. Thanks for playing on
Hello everyone, Drake here (IGN: McWithDrake)! I will be taking over the news update job. This will be a weekly update every Monday, unless updates are not required (due to lack of news/server content). Along with the written updates there will be a video, for those of you who prefer that. Take note that the videos will be in a more laid back style, while the written will have more organized and direct information.

Video update:

Our biggest change this past week was the update of our beloved 1v1 server. With the huge overhaul we are excited to share what's new!

1v1 update:
- Double the amounts of arenas (from 4 to 8)
- Gem shop added, purchasable trails and hats now available Via in game gems
- Recieve 3 in game gems upon winning a 1v1 match
-  Arena Menu added, live heart counter, and player names (click arena name/block to join queue and warp in front of the arena)
- Leaderboard book added, shows the top 17 players
- KDR (kill death ratio) Now scales more accurately by going into decimals
- Helmet removed to compensate for the hats in the shop
- Challenge item coming soon (Hero+)

SGB update: (Coming soon)
- Bugs fixed
Visable spectators
Flint & Steel duplicator
Spectators able to interact with blocks/switches
(Please let us know of any other SGB bugs)
- SGB chest tiering/drops increased and fixed
- Free for all competitive (teaming bannable) might come

That's basically it for server updates. Now Staff.


NightFlares --> [Mod]
BassInYaFace --> [Mod]
ShermanMeow --> [Mod]
KiDDPixel --> [Mod]
Nickfunster33 --> [Mod]
hannyapple12 --> [Mod]
[Mod]Zempth --> [Admin]
PheonixASSASSIN --> [Mod]

Looks like that covers all of the updates for the week! If anything was left out, or any staff that were modded and I missed, feel free to comment. Thank you for being such an awesome community. I couldn't ask for better! Stay tune for next week's update!

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