Hey boys and girls, men and women! Bass here with just a few things to cover in this news update! I want to start out by saying this week we plan to do a lot, so you may experience some glitches as we update the server. Please, do not worry about it, it will all be fixed up by the end of the week!

Gem currency removed!
-The gem system on SGB as well as 1v1 will be removed!
-In its replacement we will now be using a Coin Currency! This means that coins, no longer gems, will be used for 1v1 and SGB.
-in addition to this it is Global. Which means your Coins stack up as one whole balance between the servers. So Coins you earn on 1v1 can be used in SGB and vice versa.

Factions Updates:
-Factions is now up!
-Factions does contain a few bugs which we are still working on fixing, so don't worry!

Server updates:
-There will be a quite a few bug fixes on all the servers, such as 1v1 arenas breaking down, FFA Pyro KS not working, and many more! 
-Lots of updates to the servers coming in the near future.

Staff Updates:

FireKiller64 -->[Helper]
JohnathanW123 -->[Helper]
Ryrobchanna -->[Helper]
Lemons12345677 -->[Helper]
colin350 -->[Helper]

[Mod]Thalonewolf200 -->[Elite]
[Mod]KingCyrson -->[Default]
[Mod]SensualPidgeon -->[Elite]
[Mod]AlexCutsDatHam -->[Default]
Hello again ZincBox! A lot happens in a week so i have a few things to go over in this news update! 

Factions Update:
-We have had some minor set backs, sorry about for the inconvenience! We are currently taking care of it and it will be up and ready to play soon!

Also TWO new rules have been added to Factions!
-No AFK pools/anything that would prevent being kicked by the AutoAFK kicker!
-No Duplication Glitches! This can result in a PERMANENT BAN!

Next we have yet another huge change in staff! 

[Manager]PerfectOmega -->[Owner]
[Admin]BassInYaFace -->[Manager]
[Admin]hannyapple12 -->[Manager]
[Mod]Nickfunster33 -->[Admin]
[Mod]tombate98 -->[Admin]
[Helper]xXhokagexX -->[Mod]
[Helper]sipsjuice -->[Mod]
[Helper]KingCyrson -->[Mod]
[Helper]VGS03 -->[Mod]
MuricanEagle -->[Mod]
ShermanMeow -->[Mod]
AlexCutsDatHam -->[Helper]
PassionUnite -->[Helper]

[Mod]metalwolf111 -->[Elite]
[Admin] _Giggs -->[Legend]
[Admin]Zempth -->[Hero]
[Helper]SuperMcSam -->[Default]
[Helper]DarkenedShade -->[Default]
[Helper]Piink878 -->[Hero]

[Owner]JavaEclipse -->[Legend]
I want to dedicate this section to Ian because he truly deserves more than a Legend tag. This guy deserves a medal. He was always there when there was a problem. If anything ever needed fixed, whether it be with players, staff, the server, or whatever it may have been he was always there. I would like to thank him for all the hard work he put in for ZincBox, he deserves a huge thank you from all of us. Thank you Ian you will truly be missed and you are welcomed back with open arms if and whenever you choose.

With these huge changes in staff we hope to progress forward keeping the community of ZincBox safe, secure, and pleased. Thanks for playing on ZincBox you all are truly amazing! Remember we are still looking for helpers so do not hesitate to apply!

Hey everybody Bass here! I will, as of now, be in charge of the ZincBox News updates. Updates will be posted every week (if needed) on Sunday. We have had a lot of changes since the last update so try and keep up!

SGB Updates:
-Spectator glitch (Fixed)
-Spectators able to interact with buttons/switches (Fixed)
More SGB updates coming!

FFA Updates:
-New builds! 
-New maps coming very soon!
-Certain over-powered killstreaks will be removed.
-Flint&Steel usage will be fixed.

Faction Update:
We are sorry that factions has been down but it will all be worth it. Get ready for a huge faction update!
-Completely new server!
-New spawn!
-Factions should be up by Friday!

Prison update:
-Brand new prison map should be out soon!

PVP Lobby:
That's right guys get ready for FFA, 1v1, and *drum roll* 2v2 all in one lobby! This should be released soon so look forward to it!

*New Mini-game* Skyblock Warriors: This new mini game still has a bit of updating to go through but get ready for it to be released soon! 

Last but not least lots of staff changes:

[Manager]JavaEclipse -->[Owner]
[Manager]chaos8666 -->[Owner]
PerfectOmega -->[Head-Manager]
[Admin]DuhNiinja -->[Manager]
[Admin]DreamNoodle -->[Manager]
[Mod]BassInYaFace -->[Admin]
[Mod]NightFlares -->[Admin]
[Mod]_Giggs -->[Admin]
[Mod]hannyapple12 -->[Admin]
Zempth -->[Admin]
trainerkaterina -->[Mod]
[Helper]xCullimore -->[Mod]
[Helper]glotuition -->[Mod]
tombate98 -->[Mod]
BubbleKitty2 -->[Mod]
Natural_Geek -->[Mod]
sipsjuice -->[Helper]
Piink878 -->[Helper]
xXhokagexX -->[Helper]
cosymittens -->[Helper]
MollyDreamCloud -->[Helper]
jnitz -->[Helper]
DarkenedShade -->[Helper]
KingCyrson -->[Helper]
xJustEnergyx -->[Helper]
VGS03 -->[Helper]
TheAlphyGames -->[Helper]

[Owner]McWithDrake  -->[Youtuber]
[Admin]iphotography98 -->[Youtuber]
[Mod]ShermanMeow -->[Hero]
[Mod]MuricanEagle -->[Elite]
[Mod]KiDDPixel -->[Elite]

That about covers it guys, Thanks for playing on ZincBox you guys are all amazing! Stay tuned for the next news update!

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