Hello, everyone. PerfectOmega here to bring you some wonderful news and some sad news at the same time. I'll keep it brief.

First of all, we have now released our newest minigame, Survival Games Brawl! SGB is a team-based survival games. It consists of six teams of two. We hope you enjoy this action-packed minigame highly. Please report any bugs you find in a forum post.

Secondly, we're going to say goodbye to one of our other minigames, KitPvP. KitPvP wasn't active enough, and it wasn't original enough for us to keep. We are sorry for those of you who spent a chunk of time there. We will try our best to make up for it with some 1vs1 and FFA updates in the near future. Stick around. Again, we're sorry.

Thirdly, we've had a bunch of staff changes recently. For those of you who don't know...

[Admin] PerfectOmega -> [Manager] PerfectOmega
[Mod] Iphotography98 -> [Admin] Iphotography98
[Mod] Desertpoppy -> [Admin] Desertpoppy
[Mod] DuhNiinja -> [Admin] DuhNiinja
[Default] _Giggs -> [Mod] _Giggs
[Default] metalwolf111 -> [Mod] metalwolf111
[Default] thalonewolf500 -> [Mod] thalonewolf500
[Default] Zempth -> [Mod] Zempth
[Default] Alanaaya -> [Mod] Alanaaya
[Default] EpicMarshmellow5 -> [Mod] EpicMarshmellow5
[Default] MuricanEagle -> [Mod] MuricanEagle
[Default] lemons12345677 -> [Mod] lemons12345677
[Admin] Zeetermin -> [Mod] Zeetermin
[Mod] FlameThrower21 -> [Default] FlameThrower21
[Mod] MIMECRAFT_101 -> [Default] MIMECRAFT_101
[Mod] 8xray -> [Default] 8xray
[Mod] BooseCraft -> [Default] BooseCraft
[Mod] Dipllo -> [Default] Dipllo
[Mod] MCO_Brayden -> [Banned] MCO_Brayden

We've also had one rank receive a color change, and a name-change.

[Co-Owner] -> [Manager]

Instead of appearing light red, as the admins, managers will now be dark green. Look out for that.

Finally, we also added the 'War Sword' in our new hub. It's nothing serious, there's no leaderboard. It's just something to do in hub if your favorite server is down, perhaps. We hope you guys like it!

That's all for news today, we're sorry for the loss of KitPvP and hope you guys enjoy the new updates!